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Free Bird

Soooooooo.... I just sent out one of the "Free Bird" prints to Oregon.
My newest friend, Janet googled Free Bird and found me! How fun it that?
Anyhoooo.....she wanted her daughter to be a "freebird" and ended up with
a print from LOVE it! Here's her blog...


Magic hour!

Magic hour at the barn! Sunset reflections on the cloud
bank as it rolled The sky is so large on the top
of this hill, you never know what incredible formations you'll
get to take in each day. Cool or what?

Mill Stream Art Festival Booth

Mill Stream Art Festival Girls!!

My VERY favorite ColorfulGirls!!
WOW! How lucky am I??????
Sister Helena, Terree and Joni, they wear it
SO well!! Love you ladies!!

History of the Ojibway People/ Library Chair

Okay! Here's a close up of the chair I did for the upcoming Great River Regional Library Gala. Each artist picked a book to use as inspiration, mine was History of the Ojibway People. I chose the book because the author William Warren is an ancestor of mine. My family history on my mother's side of the family is chronicled in the begining of this wonderful book.

Last Summer Sail on Superior

Well, we just got back from 11 days on Lake Superior,
beautiful weather on the water once again! We anchored in beautiful bays,
walked gorgeous beaches, visited old friends and sailed with new ones from Boston.
We watched eagles soar above us, bears wander in the bogs in front of us and
looked through the clear clean water to the lake bottom below us. Even though it didn't feel like fall,
I captured this red leaf floating on the water when we spent the day at another sunny beach.

Mothers, Daughters and Sisters.......Northwoods ColorfulGirls.....

Jan, Leslie, Cheryl and Dawn...a couple of generations of ColorfulGirls........
Oh, Toots and Yvette would LOVE this, wouldn't they girls?
I love YOU and the fabulous photo!
Thanks for sharing, ladies!

ColorfulGirls on Rainy Lake!!

Jan, Leslie, Cheryl and Dawn all gatherd on the "Royal Flush"!!
Decked out in thier ColorfulGirl Gear: tees and canvas bags.
Now THAT's what summer fun is made of; boats, lakes and those ColorfulGirls!!
Check out that beautiful sky!! Wow!

Stearns County Pachanga Society's ColorfulGirl Stacy!!!

Dancing with wild abandon for several days with the Stearns County Pachanga Society!!
Stacy in her ColorfulGirl tee center stage...oh the fun we can't stop moving with
this incredible group of talented musicians!! Be sure to pick up one of their CD's! If you like Buena Vista Social Club, you'll LOVE Pachanga!!

ColorfulGirl Debbins and Deb at Tom's Burnt Down Cafe!!

There they are!
ColorfulGirls partying with the Stearns County Pachanga Society
on Madeline Island at Tom's Burnt Down Cafe!
Now that's what summer is all about!