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Atomic Tangerine walls!

Wow, got the half bath done this weekend!
It is SO colorful and SO very bright. Fun to
play with a small space! And what a cool name
for a color: "Atomic Tangerine". Terree and Steve
brought the sink back from Mexico for my
birthday!! Funny how a sink will open a can
of decorating worms!

ColorfulGirl Kate

Kate and Dan in our sailboat Drum Thunder last summer.
We were in the marina at Bayfield Wisconsin.
ColorfulGirls everywhere!

Tour of Saints and Spirits/ Nature Spirit

Well, check out my portfolio! I just finished framing them today!
Six new paintings in the Saints and Spirits Series!!
Woo-hoo!! I just love each and everyone of them, they are so
much fun!
These will be part of an exhibit at the Local Blend
during July and August 09!

LOVE the colors!!

Ahoy! We spent a couple of days nosing around the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Colorful harbor, beautiful views, bustling atmosphere and most important.... an abundance of water! Of course the icing on the cake..... a huge, golden FULL moon to cast it's spell on the evenings....

Holiday Party Time!!

ColorfulGirls have colorful friends! Dan and I
had a few folks out to the barn last night to
to jump start the Holidays! What a fun evening,
and when the good times roll, the drums come out!
Thanks to everyone who took the time to spend
a wonderful night laughing, chatting and spreading
some Holiday Cheer!!

Southwest Spirit

Well, this painting has been around forever, and I realized
I didn't have a picture up on the website! Bright red, lots of texture,
24x30 acrylic on canvas, framed
$400 It is a gem!

Toots Driving the Zamboni

Okay, not the most flattering photo, but here I am driving a ZAMBONI!!!
Ha Ha Ha! You never know what adventure may come about, do you?
That's Joe on the back, making sure I don't mess up. He's the one who
gave me the chance to actually drive a Zamboni, who wouldn't want to do
that? Well, as a kid growing up in International Falls, hockey was what everyone
did... and we didn't get a real indoor rink till I was in High School and the Zamboni
was sooooo cool!

Ice Fishing

Well, it's almost time for us to get out in the fish house again!
Dan's friends just put the trim around the roof of ours today and it
looks so good!

This is the front wall of Dan's grandfather's fish house. He spent many hours in it
with his grandpa and when it started to fall apart, he
saved the front and we hung it on our wall !!

Great memories that make you smile!!

Shadow Dancing

I thought this photo really says what my friend Jennifer and I are all about!
Cocktails on the deck, great music, and dancing with wild abandon as the
sun leaves us for one more day! Thanks Jen!

Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks!

I was listening to some of my FAVE music, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks and it inspired me to do the painting which now hangs in the Vernada Wine Bar downtown. Anyhoo...... here are the lyrics turned into a painting,

Tooooo much fun!

The Piano Has Been Drinking ((Tom Waits 1976)

The piano has been drinking
My necktie's asleep
The combo went back to New York, and left me all alone
The jukebox has to take a leak
Have you noticed that the carpet needs a haircut?