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Sunny flower for a windy day

Oh, the bright yellow of sunshine on a sunflower! Today the wind is howling out of the north bringing instant fall to Minnesota. We had August weather all September until last night. Oh well... we still have summer images in our memories and on our hard drives! Keep on the sunny side of the street all year long and your soul will soar!

Okay....ONE more sailing photo.. can you take it?

From the Lighthouse again... our boats at anchor... I promise I'll start painting again when fall is upon us..  but in the summer, this is art to me.... I still want the summer days on the water with the full moon sparkling at night.. the beaches.. the wildlife... the sunrises.. the peace.. the wind.. the views... this is nature's palate and isn't she grand?

The origional Michigan Island Lighthouse

We anchored off the Island, climbed the 130 steps to the old lighthouse and then climbed yet another 130 steps up the NEW lighthouse built in 1880. I shot this from the top of the new lighthouse. Amazingly beautiful. Miles of water, and history surrounding you.... not to mention a beautiful day to be up in the air and down on the water....

Nature's Art on the Beach

Raspberry Island... there is nature's artwork everywhere you look... beautiful driftwood and humans to form it into thier private scuptures left on the beach for others to enjoy....thanks so much... we are all kids at heart playing on the beach building sculptures in the sand......

Colorful Spinnaker for a Colorfulgirl!!

What a FABULOUS spinnaker!! Woo-hoo! Light winds and a beautiful sail! Check out the reflection on the water!


ColorfulGirl Joni Straley

That's one of my best friends on the planet. Our own "Mistress of the Looniverse", Joni!
Laughter and sunflowers... talented and funny.
Joni passed away on Friday with her husband Joe, and her kids, Earl, Audrey and Jennifer by her side.
Girlfriend we will miss you so much.........

I just became a part of this wonderful organization! Keep an eye out for fun stuff from Colorfulgirl!


Paintings will be on display until July 10th at Falcon National Bank

Then we move to The Local Blend in St. Joseph soon after.

Jodel at the Crawl with "BeLeave" and "Robert's Plants"

Look at that smile! That tee shirt!! She dances, she  is amazing!
Having fun at the crawl!