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New Fish and Owls paintings

Some of the newest paintings, single fish is sold, thanks Deb! She bought it for a birthday present for her husband , and will hang in their cabin up on Leech Lake. I was influenced by native american artwork, both in the midwest and pacific coastal regions. The colors are brilliant and the backgrounds simple. Enjoy!

New paintings hanging at the Veranda Lounge in Pioneer Place for the next three months

Again, thanks so much to everyone who attended the Art Crawl last week, here are a few of the paintings from the show! Sorry I don't have the frames included in these shots, they really make the artwork. The images here are scans. We had so much fun, such wonderful people came by, lots of laughter, coctails and stories! And to all the new faces who came to see my work.

I"ll have ColorfulGirl Tees and Canvas Bags at the Art Crawl $15

If you don't have your ColorfulGirl Tee shirt or ColorfulGirl Canvas shopping bag for spring, pick one up at the Downtown Art Crawl next Friday. Pioneer Place on Fifth, Downtown St Cloud at the Veranda Lounge. Check out my new work!!! 5-9 pm

Art Crawl, Downtown St. Cloud, March 18th at the Veranda Wine Bar and Lounge in Pioneer Place on Fifth!!!

       It has been three years since I had my first show at the Veranda, which was home to my store Tootsie's for seven years.

 It's the annual Spring Art Crawl in Downtown St. Cloud MN, 22 5th Avenue South, from 4-9. At nine, Dan Barth said he booked "Stretch Rocker", our one and only Paul Diethelm to play in the lounge. Please support this great event, there are many, many locations downtown with all kinds of artists showing their work. Mine WILL be for sale!

Benefit next Saturday at Bubba's Bar and Grill in Sauk Rapids

Hi, everyone!

There will be a benefit for a freind of mine, Linda Claude, and her family who lost her son recently. It will be at Bubba's Bar and Grill in Sauk Rapids next Saturday the 29th. Food, and silent auction, things going on all day into the evening. This painting will be one of the many items donated to raise money for the family.

Hope you can make it, I know they would appreciate the surpport, it has been a very difficult time for them all.

A simple halloween costume

Yup, we were painting... faux bullet holes for halloween...

turtle shells as my new inspiration

Oh, how the wind doth bloooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

The barn is creaking tonight as the 56 mph wind gusts blow. The West exterior looks like an autumn leaf mosaic as the winds glue the rain soaked  leaves to the's kind of like when the first major snowstorm arrives.. tuck in .. listen... look... relish in Mother Nature's strength. Glass of wine, good conversation.. great music..good food.. and no where else we have to be. perfect.

Colorfulgirl Brenda with Mary Kay!!

Well, Brenda needed artwork for the office of her Mary Kay business and hired me to do something fun. I took the inspiration from the Mary Kay bag that the cosmetics come in. This is my take on that design. It was fun to work in only black, white and shades of pink. Brenda also purchased a "Colorfulgirl" print she has framed to greet her clients when they arrive. Thanks for the challenge, Brenda!! It was fun to work with you!

My Buddy Cutty!

Well, I just sent out my friend a print of this origional, " Hook, Line and Sinker". Here's to you Cutty! Please send a photo of you with all the prints you have purchased, so everyone can see how they make you smile! Miss my buds up on Rainy Lake!