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Calling all ColorfulGirls!!

100% cotton, pre- shrunk, $15 for s,m,lg,xl and $20 for xxl. They wash up beautifully.

The best thing about the ColorfulGirls is when I see them all in ColorfulGirl Gear!

What do I mean? Well, I look around and I see all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all colors of skin, all colors of hair, many personalities, many talents, many languages, many stories to tell, makes my heart full to have "Girls" of all ages identify with those "ColorfulGirls", cuz we are ALL ColorfulGirls!

The lake beckons......

Thinking about sailing the Apostles...

Well, I was at a meeting this morning and of course, the discussion was: "when are we going to get some good weather?" With good weather comes beautiful days and nights on the water..... and I had to share..

ColorfulGirls Care! 100% Cotton Canvas Bags!

ColorfulGirl Gear is here! Colorfulgirl Canvas Bags are ready to roll!! AND they will make you smile!

Great size for groceries or filling with all your "stuff'". Nice long handles that will go over your shoulder, too. But... not too long so the bag drags on the floor when you carry it with arm extended.

100% cotton with those "ColorfulGirls" on the front. SO bright and happy! For ColorfulGirls of ALL ages!
15" tall, 10" wide, 5" deep with nice strong cotton straps.

Library Chair

How much fun am I having with this chair!!?? It took me weeks to figure out what I was going to do, but once the vision came, I just took off and couldn't stop! The picture is the front of the "back" of the chair.

The Fabulous new St. Cloud Library is on it's way to becomng a reality. 50 sponsers, 50 artists and 50 chairs are joining forces to raise money for this regional center. They gathered chairs from businesses, garage sales and second hand stores. Each artist picked a chair and a book for inspiration and away we go!

Up North

Hard to believe the week is gone already!! We road tripped for several hours to a magical lake and a fabulous forest. Winding roads leading to a log lodge built from enormous trees many feet in diameter. Hand laid field stone gigantic fireplace with comfy couches gathered all around. It must be the Wild Women Weekend!! I brought small "Colorfulgirl" prints for everyone to take home as memento.It was SO much fun to share!!


Can't wait....WWW coming up this weekend!!

(Wild Women's Weekend)

A group of fabulous women who have congregated annually to celebrate life and all that comes with it! In an immense log lodge overlooking a beautiful and pristine lake, it's filled with laughter, music and colorfulgirls!

April 11th, 2008

Wow, Happy Birthday to me!
Wind, BIG wind, snow, lots of it. Tucked in at home, snow day from work. All those travelers headed my way decided to stay put and be safe. The barn looked great, lots of food and drink, so Dan and I sat by the fire and celebrated. Lo and behold a few hardy souls took to the road and joined us! Fabulous flowers, Long John Baldry on the stereo and laughter bouncing off the ceiling. Take THAT, Mother Nature!


Okay, how weird to see yourself on video. It's something I'm not used to doing.... can you tell my age? Ha ha!
Jim McAlister from Tell-A-Vision Productions put that together for me. It's a wonderful thing to have, thanks so much Jim! Everyone who purchases a painting will receive a DVD in a fabulous colorful case with a picture of the painting on the front. We thought it would be so much fun for people to have an idea of how their painting came to being. Heavy Minnesnoowten accent included for free!

Thinking about sailing...........our boat the Drum Thunder

Well the next issue of Cruising World arrived and Dan is silent and motionless for about an hour as he reads the latest Captain Fatty story and gazes at the azure blue too. Yup, thinking about the ice melting and hoisting a sail or two. Can't wait to set sail again. I hear the tall ships are coming into the Duluth Harbor this summer. Wouldn't it be cool to go out and meet them when they are underway??????