So Long Drum Thunder!

Well, our boat "Drum Thunder" offically has a new owner!! Yup, she was sold and she has a new captain! What a cool boat. We loved having something that doesn't look like every other boat. We always had lots of people stop and look,talk, visit, question and discuss all that was the "Drum Thunder". We made such great friends and met such cool people because of her.

Dan and I will be sailing a new boat, or at least a new boat to us!  Can't wait to get her back to Minnesota, maybe in May. She will need a new name, though! Any ideas?

My Work Space

Here is my little space where I paint. On the balcony overlooking the main floor of the barn and those beautiful windows to the fields outside. I'm working on a new "Saint".... I think I'll call it "Bluebird" or something along those lines.The colors are blocked in and I'm on my way! I love the transformation that happens as they take on thier own personalities!

Hand painted sink cabinet

Had to do a cabinet to hold
the sink my friend brought me
back from Mexico!

Big Grinning Fish

16x20 canvas Framed origional
A Big Fish for your cabin, home or boat!
Sure to put a grin on YOUR chin OR your wall!
$250 to purchase


Outer Island

Okay, here I go again!
It's snowing tonight and so I'm revisiting last summer....Outer Island, Dan and my friend Deb on the spit.
The absolutely BEST rocks on Lake Superior are here, very cool. It's an Island right on the edge of the
Apostles and  nothing on the other side but the vast lake and miles and miles to Michigan. When the wind is right you can cruise right into the bay and anchor on the lee side, dinghy in and walk WAY out on the sand spit....

New Show at Falcon National Bank coming up in May!!

I'm so excited! I will have my work on display at Falcon National Bank during May and June this year. They have LOTS of wall space, so I'm paint, paint, painting up a storm!

Tom's Burnt Down Cafe / Madeline Island

More warm thoughts...Yup, that's us.... vandalizing the place!
Actually it was Andy!
Had to make sure our boats names were included in the memories!
The weekend Stearns County Pachanga Society was playing up there.

Thinking about green grass.......

I know, I know...we're ALL sick of winter... but today as I was bundled in my faux fur, bent into the fridgid wind... I thought what all Minnesotans are thinking .... ENOUGH ALREADY!!  Ha Ha Ha! I say this on supposedly the last below zero evening for a bit...JUST in time! This is how I want my mornings to begin again. Beautiful blue sky, green hills and a cup of coffee on my fabulous deck.

Woodburned design on the back

Oooooooooo.... awwwwwwwwhhh...

Colorfulgirl "Viola, Patron Saint of Beautiful Music" is finished!!

Just finished! She turned out great!
Really thrilled with the results.She's a fabulous mix
of paint, wood and texture.
She could be yours, too. Check out the auction
for the St. Cloud Symphony.