Cocktails in the cockpit!

Okay... one last shot at sharing my summer fun.. Ha Ha!

Did I mention how much I love our cockpit? Well, one more photo of how we spend our time... outside all day and night until you crawl into the berth,.. Our Buddy Roger at the helm, couldn't tear him away, it's the Alaskan fisherman in his blood! Dan and I in our other home.. sailing Pachanga on our "Lady of the Lakes", Mother Superior!

Pirate Flags and Spinnakers!

Nothing more beautiful than a sailboat running downwind under a colorful spinnaker! It was a perfect day for it, actually sailed into anchor with it up.. and that NEVER happend without it collapsing.  Very cool.  AND how about those fun pirate flags? Our buddy who bought Drum Thunder gifted the skull flag to us before he left Lake Superior on his  sailing adventures, aaarrgghhhhhh... Fun or what?

Summer Fun!

So much fun to have friends aboard "Pachanga" I love our cockpit! Perfect for entertaining off the shore of Madeline Island. The shadow pic is in Julian Bay, one of my favorite beaches anywhere.

Apostle Islands

Gosh, I haven't blogged all summer!

I guess it just shows how busy we were. Spent lots of days on our sailboat "Pachanga".  Two weeks sailing in the Islands and then sailed up to the upper peninsula of Michigan. Sailed back to the Islands again at the end of August for 10 days. These pics are from one sunset off Stockton Island.  The colors were amazing.

Body Painting... "Body of Art" event was fabulous

Coffee anyone??

New look at an old painting... she's still for sale! $275 plus shipping.. email

Body of Art/ Body Painting Event Invite

Looks like there are still a few spots open for this Body of Art Event!!

The bottom photo is from last night when we all got together to do some test painting. Jill Dubbledee Kuhn and Julie Gustafson collaborated on this one. SO much fun!

Body painting practice!

No, I have NEVER attempted painting anyone's skin before.. YES, I did practice on my wonderful friend Jennifer! Different paints, brushes, colors,  sponges... next Monday another go at it.. getting ready for the DAY of Indulgence when myself and three other artists will pamper and paint a dozen women... then they will get professionally photographed as living work of art... keep you updated!

Minnesota Women's Press May issue is out!

The Colorfulgirls look fabulous on the cover, so cool.

The interview was wonderful as well, check out page 20 &21 to read .. just one problem, they got my website link wrong in the print version. ... make sure you tell everyone it is ( singular not plural)  :)

The Inuit Birds have new owners!

Well, these fabulous birds have a brand new home at my friends, John and Mary's house! I know they will be a fun addition to the other birds flying around on your walls!