Okay, how weird to see yourself on video. It's something I'm not used to doing.... can you tell my age? Ha ha!
Jim McAlister from Tell-A-Vision Productions put that together for me. It's a wonderful thing to have, thanks so much Jim! Everyone who purchases a painting will receive a DVD in a fabulous colorful case with a picture of the painting on the front. We thought it would be so much fun for people to have an idea of how their painting came to being. Heavy Minnesnoowten accent included for free!

Thinking about sailing...........our boat the Drum Thunder

Well the next issue of Cruising World arrived and Dan is silent and motionless for about an hour as he reads the latest Captain Fatty story and gazes at the azure blue too. Yup, thinking about the ice melting and hoisting a sail or two. Can't wait to set sail again. I hear the tall ships are coming into the Duluth Harbor this summer. Wouldn't it be cool to go out and meet them when they are underway??????

ColorfulGirl on YouTube!

See a short video of Toots giving us a tour of her paintings at the Art Crawl.

One word......Magic

A big thanks to Veranda Lounge and Pioneer Place on Fifth! Professional, caring and most of all, FUN! I am so proud to be a part of your vibe!

The best part of the show of course, is everyone who came through the doors. Old friends and new faces, it makes me smile when I think about you all!

Art Crawl

Art Crawl Downtown St. Cloud, MN Friday, March 14th 5-9pm

Pam (Tootsie) McIntosh is the Featured Artist for Art Crawl 2008.

Her paintings will be on display From March 14th to June 12th in the Veranda Lounge at: the Pioneer Place on Fifth 22 South Fifth Avenue St. Cloud, MN. phone: 320-203-1233

Call or Email Pam for more information